TamaraTantico visual artist  




The problem of human existence is as shapeless as it is chaotic, and I consider my work as disorderly as life itself.
I get entangled in situations/inspirations that compel me to act and from which my autonomous work evolves. Yet, on closer inspection, certain patterns, or at least (some) recurring elements, can definitely reveal themselves.

In my quest for what being human involves, I only find one certainty: death. Death is not opposed to life, as is often stated. I do not believe in life at one end of the spectrum, as a basic right, and death at  the other side, portrayed as a major injustice.
From the start of life death is incorporated in it. Death is an essential and inevitable part of life, and shows itself most clearly as final ‘the moment we disappear into the big cloud of oblivion, the ultimate remains of all our vain efforts’. ( Kees van Kooten, De verrekijker)

From here the question arises whether our reality corresponds with what is real. The parallel universes of  after-life, reincarnation and other science fiction may actually exist, but since there is no continuity between one world and the other, all speculations are meaningless.
For humans it all ends at some point.

My art work is situated in this area.
The end, the gate, the light at the end of the tunnel, the threshold, one’s last breath, the hollow man. The empty shell that remains, the man with no content, often depicted in my work  as a black-and-white-painted, bold-headed man without a face. Stripped of all characteristics; no hair, no eyes, no name.

Birds represent all facets of energy we generate during life; both physically and emotionally. My birds are the key to human identity; the human condition. They symbolize the inability of mankind to be of any importance in the perfect mechanism of nature.
In my work ‘traces of death’ like skulls, hair and nails are diametrically opposed to the presence of branches and flowers. To the never ceasing growth and strength of nature.
The most clearly perceptible of our existence.